Find Legal Help For Employment Issues

We handle employment law violations in Sherman Oaks and all of Los Angeles County, CA

Is your employer withholding your pay? No matter what cashflow problems they may be experiencing, you have a right to your wages. The Sweeney Law Firm in Sherman Oaks, CA offers help to victims of employment law violations.

You don't need to stand up to an unjust employment system alone. Call an employment law attorney right away for legal assistance.

Know your rights under the ADA

A disability doesn't affect your rights as a worker. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, your employer cannot discriminate against you based on your disability status. Call our employment law firm today if your employer:


  • Refuses to make reasonable accommodations for you
  • Terminated your employment due to your disability
  • Denied you a promotion based on your disability



Your disability can be temporary or permanent, physical or mental. Talk to an employment law attorney in Sherman Oaks and all of Los Angeles County, CA now.


Make your workplace safe again

Friendly workplace banter is one thing. Repeated, demeaning remarks about your race, sex or sexual orientation are harassment. Workplace harassment can also include threats and pressure to perform sexual favors.

If you've experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, call The Sweeney Law Firm. We'll gather detailed, specific evidence for your case.

You deserve a non-threatening work environment. Call an employment law firm in Sherman Oaks, California today.