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You don't need to tolerate workplace harassment just to keep your job. If your boss or coworkers insult, threaten or bully you repeatedly, they've violated workplace harassment laws. The Sweeney Law Firm can help hold them accountable.

Your official workplace policy may say you must confront the harasser or report it to your manager. But many workers are afraid to speak out against inappropriate behavior for fear of losing their jobs.

Don't endure workplace harassment for another day. Call now to talk to a workplace harassment attorney in Sherman Oaks and all of Los Angeles County, CA

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Workplace Harassment is No Laughing Matter

Harassment can create a hostile work environment if you regularly experience:

  • Unwanted touching

  • Inappropriate language

  • Remarks about race or sex

Some cases can even include quid pro quo harassment. This involves requests for sexual favors and sometimes loss of a promotion or title if refused.

Don't let others silence you with phrases like, "It was just a joke," or "You take things too seriously." Remember, if it breaks the law, it was never a joke. End workplace harassment by calling our Sherman Oaks, CA law firm today.